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Hey, purposewalker good morning it’s a beautiful day to be a live ad I am sending you heaps of love, grace, and peace.

I want to share a message of what’s on my heart with you if you will permit me.


The word determination is one word that sprung to mind when I woke up this morning. You see, many of us get weighed down, and the challenges of life throw us daily.  I get it as I too have been there -however, I realised that if we fall -which we often will, but refuse to stay down, refuse to give to, refuse to accept the life we are given and decided to recreate a new one it is possible. It is possible to rise above your circumstance and refuse to be buried while still alive.

I watch the bulbs in my garden every year; they bloom, and when they have delivered be it their fruit or flower when we feel that they have died  (I would say they hibernate in the winter months), trust them to be up again in spring time. This is because they are determined.  As humans, we all have this ability to be like the bulb -to hibernate and regroup.


When I think of bulbs and the word determination, I am drawn to the co-authors in Pain to Purpose the fantastic anthology I compiled with 20 other determined men and women. The book is a real testament to hardships and trials faced by these men and women. They have decided to be determined and stand up one more time.

Their stories were so well received that the book didn’t just make #1besteller in 10 hours, it was the best seller in three categories on Amazon last Friday.


sandyboops-new-pain-to-purposeSo whenever you feel burned and unable to go on,  remember some people have situations much more challenging than yours.  I had to get to that place to realise how blessed I was even in my challenges.

The launch is this Friday at the Croydon Park Hotel at 7 pm:

Tickets are here so come on down and meet these very awesome men and women.

Seeing the book was such a success- I have been asked to an intensive booking course. I have answered all. Hence,  I am running four weeks intensive book writing and publishing course starting the 14th November.


Who is it for:

√Anyone who has ever wanted to write a book

√Anyone who is determined to amplify their voice using their book as their hook- I try to remind people often that my book Bamboo & Fern has been my hook.Many people have forgotten, but I am constantly pleasantly reminded of this.

√Anyone who has written a book before but find that they need to learn new tips on how to reshuffle that book to make your book come alive again 

√ Anyone who wants to start a business and use their book as a push to gain instant credibility

√Anyone who has a story in their gut that needs to be packaged and put on the shelf.

Watch out for my new book co-authored by my daughter.


What will be covered in the course includes:

√Researching for your book
√Planning the outline for the book
√How to set up your manuscript
√Drafting your book
√Writing your book
√The book production process – the steps involved in getting an idea from head/gut to the shelf.
√Publishing V Self-Publishing

√4 Ps to market your book


Ultimately this is a chance to come and learn some of the tips that made my book such a raving success.

Spaces are limited to ten and three have already been taken so hurry if you want to be involved.

It’s usually £800. However, I am offering a 50% discount making this £400. You won’t see me offer these prices again.

If you want to be published next year why not start TODAY?

Click here to secure your slot:


If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me so that you can be clear at all stages of the process.

Don’t forget to join my Facebook Group at :

PS. Ava xoxo

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