Tips to finish strong in 2017.

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After a busy day yesterday, (with new and existing clients) all having one agenda that of trying to finish strong and start 2018 running.
It was not hard to realise that , far too many of us continue to get trapped in the same cycle every year.
We are indecisive from February to say October and then the new year anxiety kicks in.
Its time we stop this and get things in order.

My suggestions are:
** create a 90 day plan for the first 90 days of each new year, try to implement as much as you can from it and stay on course.

*** have an accountability partner who will keep you on track. This could be a coach, mentor, friend etc.
**** do monthly or quarterly inventory of your life or business. Knowing where you are will give you feedback to decide what needs tweaking instead of waiting for last minute.
Supermarkets do daily inventory -hence they are always ordering as they know what’s finish on their shelves.
**take time to reflect and regroup. we go through the the next 98 days -get on track and do not wait until it all falls down to get back on track.
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