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A few years ago on a day like this, I woke up realising that I was on a treadmill of a life. Nothing was working, there were debts, misery, deception and even an intent or the feeling that being gone would be better. Parts of it as what came with the Christmas season that was setting in- and the other parts were a mixture of rejection and the fact that nothing was really working out in my life.
I sat in my house for 5 days and didn’t wash, ( yes no washing ) I was stank and I simply didn’t care. Nothing mattered, my entire life stood still and I was in total and utter autopilot.
I was of no use to my kids #EXCEPT for ensuring that they were safe in the house, cooking their meals and made sure they were ok. As for me, Ava Brown she didn’t exist, didn’t matter and frankly could have been dead for all I cared. I was a mess……..self-esteem, the confidence you name it ..second failed marriage, single mama, again… court and totally broke. Death looked better.
Then I had an AWAKENING- one that jolted me …….I heard myself ask myself what would happen to my kids if I took my own life?

The fear of them being put into care was not something I wanted for them -BUT more so they would be separated as is the case in many situations I knew all too well. NO NOT MY KIDS I TOLD MYSELF!
DAMN!!! I didn’t need anything more to get me into the shower. I didn’t just shower I took a freezing COLLDDD ass shower. I needed to get my act together for my kids. I have never looked back since and life continues to have challenges BUT I anchor on my WHY -these two beautiful kids that make me feel complete.


#Question: Have you ever felt lost?
Felt like you needed an awakening?
Like life isn’t worth it?
That this season is one that truly brings your reality to your face and you need to switch the game?
If so- I can relate…….know that help is around.
I am ready to help you stay on track and accountable to your dreams.
Why not get in my diary today and let’s have a chat?
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