ComfortZone The New Dream Killer

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I am so sure that many of you wake up today wondering what has happened to my life, where has the year gone and why am I still stuck? We don’t have to be stuck, we just need to make a decision to shift.

I am really wanting to help more people write their books and start their businesses or even get unstuck!!

Sometimes our growth is hampered by us just needing clarity and direction. I was that person who had all the ideas but needed clarity. I wanted to ditch my 9 to 5 hell called a JOB- just over broke, but fear and comfort zone kept me in bondage.

I kept wondering what would happen if I didnt make it?


What if I could pay the bills?

And all the #whatifs were mostly unfounded.

Interestingly when you decide to step on fear and #JUMP those fears become nonexistent. There are so many of us who are wanting to just walk away from that place of feeling captured and have what I call have time and location freedom. More of us want to spend time with our families, not miss a school assembly and just be on our own terms.

If you want to get out of comfort zone and start your BIG idea, gain more location and time freedom, have more time with your kids who are I must grow up so fast, then please email to get a chat in my diary.

Today is the day to decide you will no longer play small.



Dr. Ava Brown is a life, book and business strategist- learn more about her here:

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