Deep truths ,breakthrough is near a breakdown.

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www.avaeaglebrown.comI have had a hard week so far this week…..In fact, when faced with some of my challenges this week I had to ask God why me as they keep piling up. Yes, yes I know I am not supposed to ask but they were so many and so large and I just had to almost rhetorically.
I can even be honest and say, I called a few people on my team and some of my trusted friends to really have a good cry.
You see there is strength in talking out what’s going on with the right people sometimes, it’s healthy for the mind. I suppose after all I have been through that has kept me sane.
I was consoled and reminded by a few of my ROOTS, i.e., Ava being coached sessions this week that something awesome was on its way to me….I just needed to stay focused and be still. —-I believe that as the challenges just kept is piling on,…….AND THEN it came.
***** It came in 1million percent more than I expected. I am telling you there is a breakthrough at the end of breakdown.
I thought I had to share this with you -as someone maybe going under something, coming out of something and may just be wondering will it end.
*****My answer is a resounding YES!!!
It won’t just end, it will end well.
Stay focus in the challenges and learn the lessons to get you to the next level………
Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.” ~Unknown

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