Be coached by one of the most
inspirational women on the planet

Are you ready to join the revolution? Introducing two packages to transform your life.

• Dr Ava Eagle Brown is a world-renowned master coach, international speaker and author and has helped thousands transform their lives for the better.

• She walks her talk and has transformed her own life from poverty and abuse in rural Jamaica to earning two MBAs and a doctorate, writing several successful books, becoming a sought after international speaker and inspiring thousands to step up and live the life they’ve always wanted.

• Ava’s inspiring life story, The Mango Girl, is optioned into a feature film, which is a testament to the power of her life journey so far.
“Sometimes life will throw you down. However, you must find the willpower to pull yourself up above your circumstances.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown

Featured in:

Winner of the Recognition Award Inspirational Woman of the Year 2015, Motivational Woman of the Year 2015 and Inspirational Role Model Award 2015 and nominated for the London Leadership Peace Award.

“I come alive when I see my clients win. Knowing they are on the path to their wins is #priceless” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown

“I am telling you this woman is powerful. I have been dwelling on an idea for months now, and in the space of 1 hour she has pushed me to make a decision and stick with it. I am more dedicated and determined now in achieving my goal. If it wasn’t for her believe and guidance I wouldn’t have the courage and motivation to go out now into the world and take my brand to the next level! She is truly an amazing motivational coach and can help anyone realise their true potential. Thank you.” - Shaz Roya Mua

Are you ready to see real change, real results, real transformation? Are you ready to fully engage in your own revolution? Dr Ava Eagle Brown knows how to manifest change and is offering two packages that are transforming thousands of lives.

Package 1 – Life Revolution Plus.

Are you ready and motivated for change but want to do it at your own pace? Life Revolution Plus is perfect for you.

Life Revolution Plus includes:

The entire Awakening course.

The Awakening course gives you the chance to receive Ava’s insights into how to completely transform your life your own time and from the comfort of your own home. She’ll coach you how to overcome fear, believe in yourself and give you practical and real solutions to conquering the things that block you from real change. She’s done it and she can teach you how to revolutionise your life. The awakening course includes:

• A weekly audio session delivered to your inbox full of Ava’s wisdom and insight.
• A workbook to help you to document your process, improve your understanding and transform your life.
• Support through the awareness Facebook group.

Full access to the Purpose Walk 2016 library.

The Purpose Walk was a virtual event held in May 2016 that brought some of the best global transformational speakers together to talk about how to claim the life you were meant to live.

The library contains:
• 10 recordings to help inspire you in your own purpose walk.
• The personal stories of speakers who have gone from devastation to reclaiming their purpose.
• Insights into how they did it.

Even if you attended this event live, you’ll have this inspirational library on hand to listen to over and over again to keep you on track for changing your life.
“Are you walking in your purpose? Do you want to walk in your purpose? So often many of us are running around very unsure of where we want to go what we want to do and we have little or no direction and that is why I’ve put together ten amazing speakers to come together to share with you how they found their purpose, what lead them to finding their purpose, what their struggles were, how they had to cope, how did they develop tenacity, drive and focus to reorganise their lives to find their purpose and to overcome. It is so important as human beings that we are very intentional with what we are doing with our lives and The Purpose Walk provides the refocus that many of us need.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown.

Digital copy of Ava’s newly released book, The Mango Girl

“I wrote the Mango Girl to show people that they can overcome the worst devastation and live lives that are truly glorious.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown.
Her dramatic and inspirational story about growing up with poverty and abuse, barefooted on the streets of Jamaica selling mangoes from a basket on her head. It tells of her escape and journey towards healing and the choices she made that have moulded her into the inspirational woman she is today. The Mango Girl is optioned as a feature film.


£206 value for just £97

“Your background is not a determinant of where you can end up- you are an eagle it depends on how high you want to soar.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown
“Ava, you were absolutely inspiring! Your demeanour is very down to earth! I admire you for your determination, humble confidence, strength and smile. You are truly a role model to the broken. Through it all we can now hear your story and use it as a motivation to never give up. KEEP GOING. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!! Looking forward to many collaborations! I would recommend you anytime.” - Heather Ashalley

Package 2 – Life Revolution Advanced

Would you like to get some personal coaching from one of the most inspirational women on the planet? Ava is passionate about investing in your life and helping you to discover your true purpose and potential. Ava’s coaching has changed so many lives for the better. Get ready to be truly revolutionised.

Life Revolution Advanced includes:

The entire Life Revolution Plus package including:

• The entire Awakening course delivered weekly to your inbox and grounded through a workbook and Facebook support group.
• Full access to The Purpose Walk library including 10 recordings from some of the best global transformational speakers.
• A digital copy of Ava’s newly released book, The Mango Girl, which is optioned to be a feature film.

5 group coaching sessions with Ava to get to the core of what you need to do to transform your life.

Coaching sessions will be:
o ?
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“Group coaching focuses on what the individual needs to do to truly step into an empowered life and the group dynamics cover all the bases, so that people can share their stories and find freedom together. I’ll be completely with you during this process. My focus is your freedom.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown

Bonus session with Aprille Franks-Hunt.

Aprille is a master business coach and strategist, filmmaker, bestselling author and philanthropist and the founder and CEO of Women Recharged, a transformational movement that amplifies women’s voices and triumphant stories of truth. When you sign up for Life Revolution Advanced what exactly does the bonus session involve?
“I’m so pleased that Aprille is part of the Life Revolution Advanced package. She’s a complete inspiration and has coached thousands of people in business and in life. You won’t regret spending time with her.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown.


£2,500 value for just £297

“I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible to find that one thing that is you, that one thing that resonates, that one thing that you’re passionate about, that one thing that’s going to make you feel whole, that one thing that is aligned with who you are as a person.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown

What you get from Ava’s coaching.

Identification of your purpose.

Tools to overcome your big blocks.

Working out what’s holding you back.

Support and love from a truly inspired woman.

Improved clarity and understanding of where you’ve come from and where you’re going .

Today is the time to start the revolution. Sign up now to start your transformation.