Meet Dr Ava Eagle Brown – a profound story of
transformation, a woman changing lives


Ava's early life was spent in poor rural Jamaica. At times she was unable to attend school because of the need to work for food instead. Her inner strength carried her through adolescence when she experienced incest and sexual abuse. As a young adult she was held at gunpoint, which led her to escape from Jamaica. Instead of being a victim of her painful past she chose instead to turn her pain into purpose. She chose to be her own warrior and she rose from the ashes to become a resilient, strong and self-reliant woman. She has made peace with her past and has chosen grace instead of anger and defeat. Her love for her home country of Jamaica is still strong and she has been a powerful voice in helping others break the cycle of poverty and its effects.


Dr Ava Eagle Brown’s talent for coaching and inspiring change in thousands of people comes from a real desire to play her part in healing and empowering the broken. She’s often referred to as the UK’s answer to Lisa Nichols.

Her authentic and unapologetic style quickly gets below the surface and finds what really needs fixing.

Ava believes in transformation through mindset mastery. She empowers others to understand that the word IMPOSSIBLE means I’M POSSIBLE and inspires people to claim the lives they were meant to live – lives of abundance, joy, peace and success.

She’s all about helping people to find their purpose, get unstuck from their limiting beliefs and claim their best self.

Anyone that has seen Ava speak will vouch for her eloquence and inspiring style.

She’s coached entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, writers and people who have lost their way into greater significance.

She’s helped thousands of people find their purpose, not by seeking wealth and fame but by identifying what really inspires them at deeper level. She feels that significance is the goal and hard work, smart tools, healing, soul searching and perseverance will get people there. She’s believes that no matter what has happened anyone can turn things around.

Dr Ava Eagle Brown is a woman of principle and seeks to bring greater authenticity and joy into people’s lives. She’s transparent, authentic, enthusiastic and welcoming and is one of the most effective and inspiring speakers in the world.
Ava is the coach of coaches FULL STOP! If you want to let go of your limiting beliefs, dump your mind’s trash and embrace all that you have wanted to do for ages – I dare you to take your next step with her. I dare you to open the door and let her in. Ava holds nothing back. She delivers value, not in measured doses, but in truckloads! Being a strong personality with leadership qualifications, Ava’s style of coaching was really what I needed! Ava made me start taking myself and my giftings seriously. After decades of procrastinating she made me show up and claim my life and I know she can do the same for you. I am now working on becoming the kind of heart-centred, unapologetic and driven coach that she is!

Clara Rufal – Author of Prison Break


Ava’s powerful story of her journey from poverty and abuse to fleeing Jamaica and establishing a new life in the United Kingdom is told in her two autobiographical books, Bamboo and Fern and The Mango Girl. Her story is being optioned into a Hollywood feature film.

She was nominated as a finalist in the Women 4 Africa (Author) and Diva of Colour awards (Author) in 2015 for her work.

Ava is determined to help others tell their story. Her Get your Book out of your Gut program has helped many write their inspiring life stories. Some of these authors have garnered global media attention and have gone onto inspire and coach others.

Her journey has also inspired her to create the popular Awakening your Life’s Purpose, Skyrocket your Self-Esteem and Leap into Significance programs which offer new insights and mind blowing calls to action to help people to conquer some of life’s biggest issues.

Her passion for caring for the types of communities that she left is still strong. She writes a column for a Caribbean magazine and contributes to The Jamaican Gleaner, Be Magazine published in West Africa and The Children Hope Newspaper.

Her articles have been featured The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Voice Online.

Her other published works include:
• Ava’s Daily Inspiration - Life changing daily quotes co-authored with Ava’s daughter, Chardonae Stephenson.
• Pain to Purpose – A compilation featuring 17 individuals sharing testimonies of tenacity, hope and resilience.
• Ava’s 30 STEPS to a more fulfilled life – Ava discusses the things to focus on that will give you fulfilment. They are not what you think.
• The Musings and Thoughts of Ava Brown: A collection of personal thoughts and conversations - In this book Ava shares her personal space with her readers about various issues. Some are difficult to talk about generally, to include love, marriage, being a single mother and missing home.
• Become an Author in 21 Days! - Consisting of 8 modules, this course gives the aspiring author an excellent understanding of the steps involved in writing andpublishing a great book fast.
“I wrote the Mango Girl to show people that they can overcome the worst devastation and live lives that are truly glorious.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown.


Ava is regularly invited to speak in the UK and internationally. She’s spoken words of inspiration and change to audiences in the US, Jamaica, Poland, Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom and Africa.

She’s spoken at transformational events all over the globe and has shared stages with Eric Thomas, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Nick Vujicic, Andy Harrington, Paul O’Mahony, Darren Winters, , Mac Attram, Reena Maria, Paul Preston and Joseph McClendon 3rd and most recently Hollywood Actress and Broadway star Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Ava brings some of the world’s best transformational speakers together in her yearly event, The Purpose Walk, to speak about how to claim the life you were meant to live.
“Ava is an incredible speaker. Her message is authentic, bold and truly transformational. I could see everything she said came from her heart, she shares wisdom based on years of pulling herself up from the ashes. She’s not to be missed.”

Łukasz Milewski
Milewski & Partnerzy


Dr Ava Eagle Brown coaches people all over the world to overcome the obstacles holding them back and step into their purpose.

Her clients range from business leaders and businesses to men and women hungry for a better and more significant life.

Her business coaching is getting results. Ava has two MBAs and a Doctorate in Humanity and harnesses her professional background in education, finance, maritime, telecoms and business development to coach aspiring businesses to their next level. She’s both practical and inspirational and trains staff and business leaders on how their mindset can impact their business, the impact of great relationships on productivity and bespoke sales techniques.

“I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible to find that one thing that is you, that one thing that resonates, that one thing that you’re passionate about, that one thing that’s going to make you feel whole, that one thing that is aligned with who you are as a person.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown


Ava was an ambassador for Evolve, a homelessness and community support charity, making a lasting difference to around 2000 people each year in and around London.

Ava is planning to start a charity called, “Jamaica Safe Home for Girls” which will establish a residence in Jamaica for young girls in need of shelter due to poverty and abuse. This cause is close to her heart, as she had nowhere to go when she wanted to escape from a very damaging home situation as a young girl in Jamaica.

“I am deeply passionate about giving back and I’ll do everything I can to reverse the cycle of poverty and abuse in disadvantaged communities.” – Dr Ava Eagle Brown