Achieve those goals life before Christmas!!

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Hey purposewalkers , over the last few months  I have shared various videos, speaking engagements, struggles and back view of my life with you, to help empower, transform and help you become awakened. Let me remind you that there is still plenty of time to get radical about your transformation in 2017 and wake up to the life you desire, want and need.

So often people set goals but within 90 days they forget the goals and they get frustrated. In fact, so any times they can’t event find the paper the goals were written on. I have come to realise that sometimes all you need is to set application strategies, new techniques and go to the resources that can help you on the journey. This could be events, mentors, coaches etc.  I guarantee that you will be amazed by the results. I look at my life today and it’s a complete 360 to the life I had 3 years ago. All because I took radical steps, set my intentions and goals very clearly, had accountability partner’s systems, and built my community both offline and online. You see back in 2014 my second husband walked out just before Christmas and left me with the kids. I was broke and broken. My self-esteem shattered like a glass thrown from the sky and my kids were hungry. I can never forget that dark place of my life. I needed to come back to life, to be awake again, to live again. Can you identify with just wanting to live again?

sad child sitting on the floor in room
sad child sitting on the floor in room

I know my walk isn’t exactly yours but we all have an overlap, that’s why I want to offer you my 5-week, online course, which I created just for you.


This program helps you create breakthroughs in ALL areas of your life that impact your self-esteem … so you can gain clarity on what your blockages are, how to turn low confidence on its head, so you can confront the fears of being that person in the room no one sees and create amazing transformations in your life, relationships and business. This course helps you do exactly what I did rewrite my story, today I want to GIFT it to you so that you too can rewrite your story.


Would you not want that? Don’t you want to be seen, heard, noticed and feel accepted BUT also become awakened and in control of your life?

Learn the program details here:

It is normally £206 but for a limited time is ONLY £97.

Get yours today and start your radical awakening.




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